Training of Tristao local communities in managing abandoned areas

A training session was organised by Guinée Ecologie in June 2019 for local communities in the framework of the reforestation campaign initiated under the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands.

The objective of the training was to equip local communities with a collective convention on mangrove restoration as well as with the practical knowledge required for the rehabilitation and management of those areas abandoned to the collection of propagules and for reforestation in mangrove areas.

Beneficiaries, illiterate for most of them, were able to gain insight into reforestation techniques which build on an approach combining theory and practice. In this regard, seven steps were described as follows: organising the teams, choosing the area to be reforested, delineating the plantation area, reaping propagules, sorting out propagules, dividing the field into grids, planting trees, and taking care of the seedlings.

The training took place in all four districts.