Mangroves of Tristao: studies launched

The Regional Partnership for Coastal and Marine Conservation (PRCM) has commissioned several studies under the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands. These include the “Study on the social and economic determinants of mangrove wood consumption and use as well as the areas of interest of rural communities on the islands” and the “Characterisation of mangrove ecosystems and identification of sites conducive to the restoration and monitoring of the Tristao islands in Guinea”. To this end, an international call was published inviting applications from consultants to carry out these studies. Regarding the first study, an international woman consultant was recruited and supported the national implementation team with the method of data collection, processing and reporting. Baseline data were collected to ensure a better monitoring of the project’s impact. The interim report as well as the monitoring plan for indicators are being finalised.

For the second study, a consortium of consultants was recruited. An interim report was submitted to partners for comments after data were matched with communities’ knowledge and realities on the ground. The study will help identify areas for reforestation and natural regeneration based on the nature of the soils, the corresponding hydrography and the use to which communities put land.