2019 annual work plan approved

As part of the implementation of the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands, a 2019 annual work plan was approved at the end of the first meeting of the project steering committee held on 3 April 2019 in the premises of Guinée Ecology. This work plan was the outcome of a long process of interaction and discussions that started on 12 February at a workshop facilitated by Mr. Barthélémy Batiéno, Coordinator of the PRCM regional programme for natural resources. It provided an opportunity to agree on the feasibility of each activity, including the intermediary steps to go through, and identify resource persons that could help achieve the expected results.

Moreover, meetings were organised by the project coordinating team to create a synergy between the various interventions aimed at the PMAs on the Tristao islands. These contributed to achieve a converge of views on the role of each structure involved in the implementation process (PREM, Guinée Ecology, OGPR). Subsequently, the meeting with the United Nations Office for project services (UNOPS) enabled to explore the best opportunities for a synergistic work, under its support project for protected areas in Guinea, especially with regard to the construction of the project’s base camp.

The very first meeting of the steering committee brought together stakeholders comprising the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, the PRCM, the PREM, OGPR and Guinée Ecologie.

In order to ensure the smooth coordination of the project and the accountability of implementation partners, the PRCM signed two framework agreements with, on the one hand, Guinée Ecologie on the basis of a work plan and, on the other, OGPR to pool efforts. Along with that, a convention was also signed between Guinée Ecologie and OGPR on the technical monitoring of areas reforested by Eco wardens.