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About the project

The Tristao islands in Northern Guinea and the Cacine Peninsula in Guinea-Bissau are two marine protected areas that are considered as Important Bird Areas (IBA) by BirdLife. Covered by large amounts of mangrove forests, they make up a valuable ecosystem. Mangroves not only provide crucial habitats for wildlife and fishery resources but are also used as a breeding ground by several species of sea turtles, while being home to over 200 identified bird species.

Every year, these areas are confronted with an array of threats arising from economic activities, the demographic pressure and climate change effects. These threats will continue to grow bigger unless robust measures are put in place to contain them.

The ambition of the PRCM and its partners through this project is not only to safeguard but also and mainly to expand mangrove areas across Tristao and Cacine.

The project is financed by the DOB Ecology Foundation for four years.

Approaches or strategies

The project is expected to be implemented through a community approach whereby local people will be fully involved in activities aimed at enhancing their living conditions, if it is hoped to sustainably expand mangrove areas. To this end, three intervention strategies are contemplated as follows:

Rehabilitating and planting trees in mangroves over a surface of ha 600


Reducing the pressure of human activities on mangroves by promoting alternative techniques and supporting income-generating activities

Managing natural resources.




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Cause 17 Oct 2020
Tristao Project: Head office of Tristao MPA renovated

The head office of the Tristao MPA in Guinea has been renovated.

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Cause 04 Mar 2020
Training of Tristao local communities in managing abandoned areas

A training session was organised by Guinée Ecologie in June 2019 for local communities in the framework of the reforestation campaign initiated under the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands.

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Cause 04 Mar 2020
Mangroves of Tristao: studies launched

The Regional Partnership for Coastal and Marine Conservation (PRCM) has commissioned several studies under the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands.

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Cause 04 Mar 2020
2019 annual work plan approved

As part of the implementation of the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands, a 2019 annual work plan was approved at the end of the first meeting of the project steering committee held on 3 April 2019 in the premises of Guinée Ecology

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Cause 04 Mar 2020
Launch of the activities of the conservation project for mangroves on Tristao islands

Activities of the conservation project for mangroves on the Tristao islands started off on 7 February 2019 with the recruitment and installation of the project team

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